After a 20 year career in corporate communications / financial public relations, I returned to my photographic roots.

I was a working photographer for fourteen years right out of college.

I was very fortunate to have one of the Vestal brothers - Sam - as my mentor in photojournalism for four years.

Sam Vestal was one of the genuine early innovators in the field of 35mm news photography.

I worked for another ten years shooting fashion and product photography in San Francisco.

I followed James Fee as the in-house fashion photographer at Macy's of California.

It was there I learned the intricacies of studio photography and how to wrestle with 8X10 view cameras.

The next stage was annual report and corporate photography where the lessons of photojournalism merge with the patience and precision of studio photography.

It is this experience that I now bring to the areas of Interiors / Architectural Photography and Portraiture.

John Muir Photography provides magazine-quality images for Architects, Design-Build firms, Interior Designers, Real Estate Developers, Realtors and the Hospitality Industry.

Through craft and attention to detail, we create a portrait that showcases any subject's finest features.

Please call to discuss the nature of your photographic needs.